Remarkable opportunities from data, demand remarkable university programs for data

Universities use our solutions to create remarkable programs for teaching applied analytics, data engineering, data science, and information technology. Haystack’s focus on applied learning helps students to hit the ground running in their analytical and technical jobs, making them more competitive in the marketplace.

Create innovative programs focused on problem-solving, use of data, and technology all for the price of a textbook

Easily incorporate cloud technology into your programs without the cost or risk of managing your own environment
Develop cross functional projects allowing majors to work together as they would in the business world
Use a single business case over multiple classes or semesters allowing students to build upon the concepts they learn
Provide insights into every aspect of a business problem, from data quality to implementation strategies

Learning cloud technology, by using cloud technology.

Developed with the help of professors, tested with students

Our solutions have been developed for Universities that want to create unique learning experiences within their data science and information technology programs and has been tested by students across several fields of study. Our product development research included:

  • Feedback from several world-class university administrators and professors.
  • Testing by Students entering the fields of data science, data engineering, and information technology at undergraduate, masters and doctoral levels
  • Data leaders across from fortune 500 companies actively engaged in hiring in these fields of study

Simulated data, Relevant problems, Applied Leaning.

Making education easier for professors, and cheaper for students

Our solutions allow professors to focus on teaching concepts rather than administering software or curating data. Our in-depth, and flexible case studies allow for an array of subjects to share a single case to illustrate how various subjects come together in the real world. All our solutions can be accessed by students for a single fee that amounts to the cost of a single textbook each year.

Haystack Academy’s unique combination of solutions can enhance an array of programs across a multitude of subjects.

  • Data Science – our business cases curate data and real data science problems that cover marketing, information technology, and corporate finance.
  • Data engineering – by integrating data quality issues into our curated data sets professors can demonstrate concepts in data quality, data governance, and ETL, and data mining.
  • Business Analytics – In-depth business cases create an opportunity for professors to illustrate the power of visualizations, benchmarks, analytics, and business intelligence tools.
  • Full-stack development– by combining cloud-based tools and curated data sets, students can create real applications to solve problems posed by case studies.
  • Cloud computing – professors can provide exposure to cloud-based resources in both Amazon and Azure cloud platforms to enable technology and data solutions.

New solutions create deeper partnerships greater opportunities for students, universities, and companies

Our tools can enable deeper partnerships between Universities and Corporations. This is because our tools remove the barriers that exist for Corporations to participate in capstone projects.

  • Haystack simulated data sets make NDAs and data protection agreements a snap.
  • Curated Business Cases allow for greater collaboration between students and corporate participants.
  • Focus on relevant real world problems is enriching for both students and corporate participants
  • Success can be measured based upon known solution sets that provide professors with a basis for grading work.
  • Corporate participants can focus on engagement and mentorship.
  • Fewer barriers for partnership means less work for University administrators and advising professors.

Haystack Academy builds deeper connections between corporations and universities generating new opportunities for both. With Haystack’s Farm Team, you can create data apprenticeships that become a talent pipeline for your organization.

  • Find real projects that companies want help with
  • Make partnering easier by using Haystack Academy solutions
  • Grow your relationships with companies over time
  • Provide new ways for students to gain real-world experience
  • Increase job placements for graduating students
  • Find research opportunities for professors
  • Develop new funding opportunities for your University

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